Do you own a property suitable for holiday rental between Malaga and Estepona?

We offer regular rental income all year round from your property, with the flexibility of having access to it for the weeks you want.

So you own a beautiful property on Spain's Costa del Sol and you want to generate income from it?

You currently have two choices

  1. Rent it out Long Term
  2. Rent it as a Vacation/Holiday Rental
Renting it out Long Term provides you with a stable regular monthly income but at the cost of not having access to your property at the times you might like to use it.  

Renting it out as a Vacation/Holiday Rental could yield good returns, but t is uncertain and no income forecast can be made.  In addition you need to decide to if you wish to manage it yourself, and therefore arrange all the check in, cleaning and legal compliance issues  (which can be hard if you don't live in Spain) or do you appoint an agent, who will take a commission to do this for you.

Well now you have a 3rd choice!

Contact us to arrange a no obligation appointment where one of our consultants will meet with you at your property and discuss with you how our programme could potentially work for your property.  

Once we have reviewed your property and understand when you would like access to it (which weeks of the year) we can then perform a calculation as to what compensation we can pay to you regally each month, whilst making your property available to you for the times you want to use it.  If you agree we sign a full legal contract and you start to receive monies under the terms of the agreement.

Our agreement with you will allow us to market the property for Vacation/Holiday Rental use and we sort out all the formalities, arrange the licence (if necessary), manage the cleaning, check-in etc.. and most importantly - we pay you your agreed compensation regardless if we let the property or not.

We take the risk, and any income we generate  from renting it out as a Vacation/Holiday rental, and any costs we incur in the process are down to us.  

Furthermore our contract mandates to return your property to you at the end of the agreement in similar condition to how it was when we took it on, and we visit any unoccupied properties once ever two weeks to check all is well, saving you money and providing peace of mind.

It is our hope that you will renew with us each year and recommend our services to your friends and neighbours.  
We run a referrals scheme for introductions for clients, owners and agents.

We hope to offer you peace of mind. is part of the London based  LSP Property Group.

Please call us or contact us using the form below so we can arrange a time to meet with you and discuss your property.  

Autumn 2019
We are currently experiencing extremely high levels of calls which is resulting in some delays for customers to get through to us, for which we apologise.  

We confirm we will reply to ALL messages left, however if possible please Email us, rather than Call us if you can.  

Thank you for your understanding!

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